Work in the field of fire safety

“ROSTRA North-West” LLC performs a full range of works to ensure the fire safety of facilities and increase the fire resistance of building structures. The use of high-quality fire-retardant materials of domestic and foreign manufacturers, the presence of qualified employees with extensive experience in the field of fire safety allows us to give a guarantee on fire-retardant coatings from 5 to 20 years.

Types of work:

  • Increasing the fire resistance of steel and reinforced concrete structures;
  • Fire protection of electric cables and wooden structures;
  • Fire protection of air ducts, ventilation valves, etc .;
  • Installation of fireproof penetrations;
  • Installation and maintenance of fire barriers;
  • Complete set, delivery, installation of fire alarm systems and commissioning;
  • Warranty and post warranty service.

Fire systems


The importance of fire prevention is increasing from year to year. The integration of appropriate fire prevention systems prevents fires or limits their spread to narrow limits. This eliminates the possibility of the occurrence of millions of losses with their consequences. The technical supervision of organizations, fire brigades and insurance companies are constantly increasing their efforts to stimulate fire prevention.

For our company we have set the task of developing and implementing optimal solutions to all fire protection problems. PIRO-SAFE systems are used to protect your investment.

Universal bulkhead PIRO-SAFE

A simple but high-quality bulkhead for blocking any horizontal and vertical holes of any size and place.

The bulkhead consists of special highly-compacted mineral-fibrous plates and a non-absorbent, highly elastic fire-resistant coating forming an insulating layer.

Moreover, an additional laying of cables or pipes can be made easily, quickly, and without any special tools.

Bulkheads from PIRO-SAFE solution

The bulkhead consists of ready-to-use special lightweight concrete in a hydraulic binder.

The bulkhead can be easily punched at any time for additional laying of cables and pipes. A decontamination coating can be applied to the bulkhead surface.

For optical compliance with adjacent sections of the wall it can be painted or veneered.

PIRO-SAFE bulkhead for combustible pipes

Combustible pipes laid in fire compartments must be equipped with bulkheads in accordance with DIN 4102, part 11, as appropriate, as authorized by the building supervisor.

Moreover, for pipes with an outer diameter of up to 160 mm, special fire cuffs can be used. For pipes with a diameter of more than 160 mm, a special fire damper or fire damper is required.

PIRO-SAFE fire protection coating for cables

Electrical cables come with combustible insulation, in most cases PVC. When such insulation is burned, the condensation and diffusion of the resulting hydrochloric gases destroy steel and concrete structures, electrical equipment and electronic equipment, causing millions of losses.

PIRO-SAFE fire-resistant coating is tested for short circuit delay, for preventing the spread of fire, for preventing the formation of HCL hydrochloric gas. It is not hygroscopic. It is resistant to aging, without coating varnish, retains elasticity, does not contain solvents, neutral to cable insulation and other materials, has very high thermal conductivity. The coating was tested according to IEC 331 IEC 332-3, category A.

PIRO-SAFE block system

This system provides an optimal protection against fire, water and gases, since it simultaneously meets three high requirements: fire resistance (S90 – S120), water resistance (16.5 bar) and gas tightness (helium 2.5 bar).

This method allows you to reliably and seamlessly lay and seal pipes and cables with a diameter of 4 to 110 mm.

You can plan a backup space for network extensions, easily and quickly lay new cables and pipes, or replace laid cables and pipes with cables and pipes of a different cross section — all without measures such as chiselling and drilling – cleanly, without dirt.

The system is approved for use in the construction of protective rooms and shelters.

Fireproof coating for metal surfaces

The load-bearing capacity of steel disappears at temperatures above 500 ° C. One of the methods to prevent the temperature of steel from rising above critical is to coat metal surfaces with the intumescent coating PIRO-SAFE-FLAMMOPLAST.

PYRO-SAFE-Flammoplast is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The coating increases the fire resistance of metal structures and is applied to anticorrosion coatings or to any primers.
The thickness of the dry coating layer is approximately 1 mm. The coating is applied by brush, roller or spray. The material is supplied ready-made. The material is not hygroscopic, resistant to aging, non-toxic and solvent free.

The coating is also used to increase the fire resistance of concrete structures.

Fireproof cladding materials

In certain cases, combustible materials (cable routes, combustible pipes, ventilation pipes, etc.) should be laid only in the installation channels. These mounting channels must be tested according to DIN 4102, part 11 and 12.

The Piro-Safe installation channel meets these requirements according to test reports for fire safety classes I 30 and I 90 / E 30 and E 90. Cladding of metal structures with fire resistance up to 180 minutes is possible.

Fireproof coating for wood

The application of this coating to wood and wood-based materials makes them flame-resistant according to DIN 4102.

The material is not hygroscopic, it is resistant to aging without a protective varnish and can be applied by brush, roller and spraying method. Test mark: PA-III 3.49.

PIRO-SAFE fire pillows

The danger of a fire in the interior decoration phase of a modern target building is greater than during subsequent operation. Welding and abandoned cigarette butts are the most common causes of fires in new buildings. Temporarily blocking openings and openings with fire pads help to effectively prevent the spread of fire. PIRO-SAFE fire pads are tested for 90-minute insulation in accordance with DIN 4102.

PIRO-SAFE ventilation ducts

Facing of vertical and horizontal ventilation pipelines from self-supporting ventilation ducts from fireproof plates.

Pipe bulkhead for steel pipelines PIRO-SAFE

For pipes that cannot be arrested, for example, pipes for hot steam.

Seal of seams PIRO-SAFE

The mobility of building parts during thermal fluctuations is maintained with complete tightness between the rooms.